Xerox has sold the prototype of the new Direct to Object Inkjet Printer that it showed at Drupa.

The machine, which enables personalised printing on three-dimensional objects, supports a wide variety of substrates including plastic, metals, ceramics, paper and cloth and object volumes of up to one cubic foot can be handled.

Xerox mechanical designer Michael Leo said: “The prototype unit was designed for a customer that wanted it inside their store so wanted it to have a very small footprint. We custom make each one for the client, so they get exactly what they’re looking for, not necessarily what the production lines can solve.”

The dimensions of the machine are 39 x 39 x 90 inches and it can print up to 30 objects per hour, although this can be increased for industrial applications.

UV inks are typically used for durability, Xerox said, but most speciality inks are supported. Objects can be easily changed from one type to another for high productivity and other applications include packaging, as the machine could be used to replace labels.

“It’s digital so it reduces label stock and colours could also be changed in the middle of the run,” said Leo.