The Star of Kenya was getting ready for a big change through their investment in Kodak. Working with their longtime print supplier, Typotech, William and his team evaluated to invest in the Kodak Trendsetter Q400 Platesetter and Sonora Xp Process Free Plates for their benefits.

William Pike, MD of the Star’s, commented about the investment, “This decision was an integral part of our whole redesign process, and we did not want to be let down by poor plate output. The Kodak CTP machine was installed only a few weeks before we were scheduled to launch the new paper to our readership. The first issue came out on Sonora plates, and the quality was exceptional. We’ve also been able to cancel the contract with NEMA since we’re no longer producing waste from processing plates.”

He further added, ““A newspaper in a digital age needs to be a premium product with analysis, prediction and insight that people buy in addition to having read news online. That’s why you need clean, smart, design with exceptional print quality and excellent color production. Kodak’s Sonora plates and Trendsetter have helped us deliver this premium experience for our readers.”