Xerox launched entry-level production printers and embellishment technology.

The PrimeLink C9065 and C9070 colour printers succeed the existing Color C60 and C70 models. Designed for both production and high-volume offices, these printers include a 10-inch touchscreen, making it easy to access general functions and cloud and productivity apps that automate tasks.

The devices feature 270ipm scanning, up to 70ppm printing, 2,400dpi colour image quality. For production, the machines offer heavyweight media and extra-long sheet capabilities, supporting materials up to 660mm long. Also featured is oversized, high-capacity feeding, stacking, punching, two-sided and square trimming and booklet, tri-fold kit and up to five creases for Z-folding. The machines, that can handle stock weighing up to 350gsm, are also equipped with a Simple Image Quality Adjustment tool and a choice of EFI servers.

Xerox senior vice-president of Global Offerings Tracey Koziol said: “The C60 and C70 have been going great guns but the improvements we’ve made with PrimeLink keep us ahead. Our goal is to retain market dominance in this area.”

Also new is Adaptive CMYK Plus Technology, which augments the traditional CMYK offering.

An optional extra accessory that can be changed in and out of the printer in under 15 minutes, this kit expands the colour capabilities on the PrimeLink C9065 and C9070 printers with fluorescents, gold, silver, white and clear embellishments when needed. A similar accessory available for users with existing C60 and C70 printers also offers capabilities beyond CMYK, with metallics, white and clear.
Xerox said this technology allows users in all fields to produce “brilliant and unique pieces” including greetings cards, flyers, invitations, posters and signage.

“We have been leading the way in terms of extensions on standard CMYK, especially up in the full-production graphic comms area, and we’ve seen high demand at the small print shops too. Customers want to be able to do embellishment [that] don’t necessarily have the volume that would fit the larger press,” said Koziol.