Canon has launched a new series of mono production printers, which it said deliver “substantial productivity gains” over the devices they replace. The VarioPrint 140 series, which comprises the VarioPrint 115, 130 and 140, will begin shipping in July, with pricing starting from around £35,000 for an entry level machine.
Wayne Barlow, Canon head of graphics & communications business group, industrial print solutions, said the 140 series represents the ongoing development of its monochrome technology, initiated in 2012.
“I think we are the only manufacturer that is reinvesting in monochrome technology. This is a statement of the development and investment we are putting into the technology,” he said.  
The new VarioPrint 140 runs at 143ipm (A4) in both simplex and duplex modes, which Canon said makes it the fastest printer in its light and mid-volume production segments and doubles the productivity over the 135, which will now be phased out. The 115 and 130 run at 117ipm and 133ipm respectively. All three machines in the series are rated for print volumes of up to 800,000 images per month, more than double the capabilities 135 series could reach.
The machines have a maximum resolution of 600x2,400dpi resolution and take plain, coated, textured and carbonless substrates of between 50gsm and 300gsm at a maximum size of 320x490mm.
Barlow said: “I would say that there are significant speed differences and throughput differences, from 350,000 copies to 800,000 copies per month, so from a productivity point of view that is significant.”