After the success and the demand following the 2015 and the 2016 events, the Flexofit GmbH from Bad Vilbel, Germany, successfully held their third Flexofit Kenya Seminar in Nairobi on 11th May 2017 as well as the second Flexofit Tanzania Seminar on the 8th May in Dar Es Salaam.
Both seminars sported a comprehensive range of presentations from international suppliers. The broad audience of local industry staff, represented by top management at both locations followed the presentations with keen interest. Special topics and discussions included prepress, plate making, printing devices and facilities, as well as techniques and waterbased solutions.
Marek Siekiera, CEO of Poland based Chespa Group, announced at the Flexofit Kenya Seminar, that his company is going to invest in production facilities locally in Nairobi. He explained, that after attending several Flexofit seminars, his knowledge of the East African market requirements has led him to invest in Kenya. He continued to explain that the African market in general is an environment with a lot of potential growth and possibilities in the near future, especially in the printing and packaging field.