Adhesive label substrate manufacturer Herma has announced a new inkjet label film designed for use in ‘demanding environments’.

The German manufacturer has launched the new Herma PP inkjet label substrate, set to go on sale next month, specifically for use on rough plastic or metal surfaces that may come into contact with seawater or corrosive chemicals. It is seawater-resistant to BS5609 standard. 

The label material is made with polypropylene film and covered in a scratch-proof surface treatment suited to inkjet printing with water-based inks as well as with thermal transfer printers.

Combined with an optional special adhesive solution, the label material has an “aggressive adhesive behaviour” that makes it suited to use in tougher environments, according to the manufacturer.

“Ultimately we see a high potential for this product in the chemical industry on containers and drums, so we expect demand from label manufacturers and printers servicing that sort of industry,” said Herma sales director Ralf Drache. Electrical engineering and automotive were other industries Drache expected the new product to be used. 

The Herma PP inkjet film will be available worldwide from September. It is available on reels with a slitting pattern width of 1m. 

Price is dependent on whether clients use the standard or extra permanent adhesive.