Narsingh Dass Group of company ‘Artica International DMCC’ has been distributing in the MENA region since November 2014 and they look forward on completing their first successful year.

Speaking about their company, Vedansh Gupta, Jr. solution provider from Artica International added, “We deal in commodities and amazing media. We aim to provide our customers a one stop shop to cater to all their needs with a crystal clear supply chain process. We also provide solutions in wood and pulp based substrates, and hence we believe strongly in hiring ‘Solution Providers’ for our customers instead of marketing personnels. We offer various eco-friendly substrates. Paper as a whole is one of the most sustainable communication substrates when compared to the electronic media. However, we offer Agro-waste based substrates as well as recycled papers and boards which in most cases carry FSC certifications. This region is still awakening to Eco-Friendly products, and the government is taking strides in ensuring sustainability in its environment so we believe that our product will do well in this region like the past year.”

Talking about the company plans, he added, “We are planning to expand with the Awesome Media range in the coming months, and our focus will be on the niche packaging and security papers. Expect to see some grades of Greaseproof, Non-Tearable Wood Free, higher bulk SBS boards and more in the coming months.”