Established in 2001, Al Suwaidi Paper factory is the first paper manufacturing unit established in Qatar to manufacture Kraft paper and board  from recycled waste paper.  They have been exporting paper into the UAE since the last 14 years, exporting about 500 metric tonnes of 0.7 mm unbleached paper.  The manufacturers will be launching its second paper machine with a capacity to produce 80,000 tonnes of core board per anum (amounting to 250 tonnes a day).

Explains marketing manager K.P.Karthick: “Our board is made from 100% recycled materials.  We have been supplying in jumbo rolls to be slit and made into cardboard cartons. The raw material for our first machine was indigenously collected from within Qatar itself.  However, to provide raw material for our second machine, we shall have to source raw material from UAE as well.  Besides the UAE, we have been exporting our paper to Saudi Arabia (500-600 metric tonnes) and Bahrain (200 metric tonnes), while 300 metric tonnes is sold within the country (Qatar).  The  new machine will have multi-fourdrinier, 4.06 meter finished trim, 250 TPD with the latest technology and uniform gsm control.  We shall be producing kraft liner, fluting and white top test liner of gsm ranges - 100 to 400.”

In order to make forays into the UAE markets, they participated in Paper Arabia for the first time this year.