Svara General Trading  (STG) company has confirmed that they have signed a deal with Sweden-based Fortex International BV to sell packaging boards  like PE board, food board, coated kraft back, duplex board and other speciality board  from various mills in the Far East and Europe to all the countries in the GCC region.

Explains director Abbas Jani, “SGT has marketing roots in UAE, Kuwait, Qatar and Saudi Arabia for packaging boards.  We have a strong hold  in the region to sell container board grades from various European mills and traders. Currently, we are selling 3000 mt of container board in the region,  as well as 300 to 400 mt packaging board.   We strongly feel that with this distributorship, we would be able to double these figures by the end of this year.  Already in the first month itself, the sales to the Sri Lankan market has been around 500 mt.  As and when products from Fortex will be added, our sales figures will rise further. Fortex is world leading paper and board trading company based in Sweden dealing with world leading paper mills and selling in Middle East, Africa and Europe.”

 Adds Jani, “Svara will also be selling wood free paper from N R Agarwal Industries, who have just started production of woodfree on PM 5.  Svara is already selling duplex grey back board from the above manufacturers. We aim to grow sales for packaging board in the region.”