Iraqi newspaper Al Sabah has purchased a KBA single width, double circumference Comet press.
The coldset/heatset press will primarily print the country's popular national daily, Al-Sabah part of the Baghdad based Iraqi Media Network (IMN). Like 200 newspaper, semi-commercial and book printers throughout the world IMN cites print quality, output and reliability as reasons for choosing the Comet.
The addition of a thermal dryer allows 8 of Al-Sabah's 48 full-colour pages to be printed in heatset on coated stock. This configuration also supports the blend of full-colour heatset and coldset pages that is typical of Middle East titles. The full-colour heatset web will be also used for magazines on coated and improved paper, flyers, inserts, books etc.
The 75,000iph KBA Comet will have a 578mm (22.75in) cut-off and a web width variable from 630 to 870mm (24.8-34.25in), with 760mm (29.92in) specified for newspapers.
The six reelstands will be connected to a KBA Patras M reel-handling system and the six towers will feature automatic ink pumping and automatic colour-register control. The superstructure above the two KF 3 jaw folders will have one former each. Automatic cut-off register controls, length and cross perforators and a quarterfold will ensure high-quality folding and enhance production flexibility. Alongside cutting-edge console technology, the press will also have the option of remote maintenance