Suppliers of training simulators for flexo, gravure, and offset presses, Sinapse Print Simulators has sold multi-lingual press simulators to Obeikan in Saudi Arabia.

Obeikan has installed flexo and gravure simulators to complement the existing sheetfed simulator at the Riyadh Polytechnic Institute in Saudia Arabia.

Riyadh Polytechnic Institute (RPI) based in Riyadh, is a private-public initiative launched by the government of Saudi Arabia (Technical and Vocational Training Corporation) to train Saudi nationals with industrial and technical skills. RPI is operated by Laureate Education through a joint venture with Obeikan Research and Development, one of the largest industrial groups in Saudi Arabia.

According to information received from Obeikan, many Saudi Arabian workers come from around the world and use English as their common language. Sinapse simulators are appropriate to them because they are multi-lingual with a ‘speech facility’ that lets a user ‘hear’ the pronunciation of technical terms.

The Riyadh center started using simulators a year ago when they installed the same sheetfed simulator that was used in the WorldSkills 2011 competitions. After finding ways of integrating simulation-based training into their two-year curriculum, the center then added flexographic and gravure packaging versions. These were installed in mid-2012 accompanied by on-site training by Sinapse production manager, Thierry Mack.

The printing and packaging department of the Riyadh Polytechnic Institute has adopted simulator training technology from Sinapse, the French company selling this application. Courses are designed to give new employees exposure to modern press technology and working habits before they go to live production jobs.