A webinar platform to ‘Educate, Empower and Enhance’ the print service providers and sign makers in the printing & signage industry

Dubai, UAE, September 21st, 2020: SGI Dubai, one of the oldest and most respected trade shows for the printing and signage industries, has launched a webinar series called E3 Talks – a platform to Educate, Empower and Enhance the print service providers and sign makers in the printing and signage industry. The core objective of this platform is to educate the sign makers on the various developments and trends in the industry and help them find ways of conducting their business more profitably. E3 Talks will be a monthly event happening digitally over the Zoom Webinar platform on the 4th or last Wednesday of the month. 

“The current COVID pandemic and its effect on the markets has created this urgent need to transfer knowledge from experts from the industry to the sign makers to help them overcome this situation. With SGI Dubai being the leading Industry show in the region, we have been discussing this with the various stakeholders in the industry and have launched this non-profit initiative towards this purpose,” added Sharif Rahman, CEO, IEC the organisers of the SGI Dubai show.

Two Speakers will be invited to present in each of these webinars, this is an opportunity to present their brands, latest innovations and also provide a generic update on the future of the industry.  Each presenter will be given a timeslot of 30 minutes for the presentation and there will be a 20 minutes provision for questions and answers post the presentations. The brands that are interested in showcasing their innovations and industry insights on the ‘E3 Talks’ platform are welcome to get in touch with the SGI Dubai team by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

“The attendees would include print service providers, sign makers from the MENA region. We will be inviting industry stakeholders locally, regionally and internationally through various means of communications and social marketing platforms. SGI Dubai will be promoting this webinar and its presenters across their platforms to generate more traffic towards this webinar,” added Rahman.

About International Expo-Consults (IEC):
International Expo-Consults (IEC) is an internationally recognized trade show management company with an impressive track record of 27 years of operations in the Middle East and Asia Pacific region. The Exhibition arm of the Dubai-based conglomerate, the Falak Holding; IEC is the organiser of key exhibitions including Sign and Graphic Imaging (SGI Dubai) and the Dubai, Entertainment, Amusement and Leisure (DEAL). Dubai-based conglomerate, Falak Holding has been an industry pioneer for over three decades having diversified business interests including real estate development; retail - sports, fashion, home furnishings; exhibitions, medical diagnostics, trading and many more as part of its portfolio. Falak Holding is also a key stakeholder and investor in the prestigious Dubai Sports City project. Kindly log on to for more information on the show.

For further information please contact:
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