Dubai-based Chrysels Digital Advertising recently purchased Heliozid’s Oce Arizona 1380XT, an eight-colour LED flatbed printer launched in Munich during Fespa 2019.

Heliozid Océ managing director Philippe Husni said: “The Arizona 1380XT can print edge to edge on any rigid or flexible media such as canvas, wood, tile, glass, metal, etc. It’s suitable for oddly shaped, heavy or pre-cut media of any size up to 2.5mx3.2m. The printer uses a high-resolution camera for easy and precise head alignment for optimum resolution. The Arizona printers use pneumatic registration pins for easy loading of rigid media and a high pressure seven vacuum zone system for very reliable media hold down during printing. It uses long lasting, low power LED lamps to cure the UV ink.”

Chrysels has been a part of the digital print industry for the last 13 years. Owner Samuel Chrysels said: “We had previously purchased 5M UV printer from Heliozid. Impressed with their services, we decided to add another one. We have found Canon products more efficient and economic as compared to other brands. We’ve been using Arizona 1380XT for nearly seven months and are quite satisfied with print quality and productivity. The option to upgrade the machine anytime gives us a future ready assurance. The multipurpose printer with a large printing bed helps in easy creation of textured prints, both transparent and opaque; provides roll-to-media option, allows switch between rigid media jobs and roll-to-roll, and gives high precision print.”