Dubai based resellers of fine papers, Sona  Papers has announced their rebranding with new logo and  vision. Choosing to walk in the sustainable, eco-friendly direction while adding a new dimension of optimal utilization of scarce resources,  Sona Papers has chosen to evolve their business methodologies. 

“Change is constant” said Raju Suneja, director- marketing and sales of Sona Papers, explaining the rationale behind the move, “but evolution is highly selective. Today, since our humble beginnings in 1966, we have come a long way. Today  Sona Papers has representative partners in every major market across Middle East and South East Asia.”

“We have long been feeling the need to align ourselves, our brand and our identity with the emerging realities of the present, where being sustainable or eco-friendly is not enough and the conundrum of optimal utilization of scarce resources also has to be addressed adequately,” added Suneja. “It is towards this end that the change in the logo is aimed, which is the first major step towards re-imagining our entire business methodologies. Suffice to say, we are willing in taking the test by fire and are sure of emerging leaner and meaner from the exercise.”      

Sona distributes papers from USA, Italy, Austria and Korea in coated, uncoated, textured, coloured, metallic, recycled and other varieties.