Mactac’s regional distributor Al Shabak General Trading LLC recently hosted the launch of Mactac ColourWrap Series in Dubai.

At the event, certified applicator Jelmen Lopatka wrapped parts of a car with some of the new ColourWrap vinyls at Al Shabak’s office in Al Gusais.  

Available in 50 colours, the ColourWraps are suited for vehicles as well as boat customization, if used above the waterline along with Mactac Sealer. The new series include finishes of gloss, gloss metallic, matt and matt metallic.

According to Mactac the key advantages of the new series include, 3D conformable cast vinyl, micro-embossed PE coated paper, repositionable clear solvent based acrylic adhesive, durability of up to eight years, good gloss and uniform finish, bubble-free application, and, good application tack and repositionability.

Al Shabak general manager Govind Unni said, “More than 50 skilled applicators from across the UAE attended the workshop.”

“The ColourWrap cast film  is bubble-free which makes it easier for the applicators to deal with curves and deep recesses. The hallmark of the new series is the cast quality which is easy to use and apply. While being innovative and homogenous in appearance, it is also affordable and well suited  for 3D projects,” he added.

Avery Dennison technical support specialist Ed Nolle told PrintWeek that the Middle East region comes under zone III, implying critically high temperatures. Add to that the abrasion caused by fine sand. “While the vertical areas of a wrapped vehicle have a longer durability, the horizontal surfaces are often directly exposed to the sun. Same is the case with car paint. The durability also varies depending on the wrap colour; white and black would provide the highest durability of one-and-a-half-years in this region. White and darker shades of grey are quite popular among the Middle East clients,” he said.

Wrapping not only makes one’s vehicle stand out, it also acts as a protective layer for the original surface pointed Nolle. “You can easily change the wrap if you’re bored of the colour or remove it before selling it as original surface is as good as new.”

For any product information and availability, contact Al Shabak at toll-free 8004100.