Kodak plans to make new goals in the coming years and to be more active in all the markets.

Speaking about Kodak, Giuliano Bianchet, GM, WW sales and VP-print systems division, said, “In offset plates we strongly grow through our Sonora plates. The processes less plate gives benefits for partners, customers, and us. Sonora X plates covers 80% of the application in a much easier way compared to traditional way. It gives environment friendly advantages for our users. The cost of process is too involved so you don’t have additional electricity or maintenance charges. Today, we have around 25% of the total plates in the market. We have planned to grow to 35-40% in the plates market. In CTP plates, we are introducing a new product, which will allow us continue to be the leader. We are also introducing Magnus Q800 with pallet loader and dual cassette opportunity. We have developed some nice tool which you can control from outside. We have developed our software too, earlier we were having 5th version and now we have 8thversion.”

Speaking about the new role, he added, “I did not want to change anything at the beginning but I had the privilege to continue the activities which was going before. We need to improve ourselves to be better than before but for sure I don’t have any intention to change it. However, if the market and situation changes then the company will definitely adapt to it.”

He further added, “There are many factors like increase in cost of aluminium, currency movements, etc., made it happen. However, we made the changes based on the market situation. Earlier, everyone was laughing at us when we started to cut production. We are the first one to exist in some plant productions as well but in reality everyone was doing it after us. We are the only one who produces the plates in USA. There is over capacity in the industry so we need to readapt ourselves to the reality of the market. However, we continue to have four manufacturing plant in the world. The major is Osterode plant, Columbus with two lines, Xiamen-China with two lines, Gunma-Japan with two lines.”

Speaking about Middle East market, Komal Sharma, MD, Middle East Africa, South East Asia, India, Australia and New Zealand, said, “We are focused on adding value to the products. Our entire portfolios are aligned as customer centric. Our products give sustainable savings and are environment friendly. The automation we provide in the CTP goes very well with lean and customer convenience. We have Drupa coming nearby so all our road maps are aligned towards it.”

Bianchet, further said, “We are planning to diversify much more in consumer products. Our main current strategy is brand licensing where we are expecting more growth in the coming years. When we rank our company out of 100 all over the world we are at 96. For B2C we will go for brand licensing but we need to invest a lot in it. However, for B2B you don’t need a lot of investment.”

Speaking about the plans for 2019, Bianchet said, “Our inkjet printing opportunity continues to be very important and we have developed some application away from traditional way. In flexible also we have made some new introductions. Kodak Kodalux technology, a new class of light-control materials, that can be coated directly on fabrics for use in the management of light. We are developing conductive inks and many more.”