Reproflex3 (R3) were established in the North East of England in 1996 by Andrew Hewitson and Trevor Lowes. One of the largest Kodak plate consumers in the UK, they are pre-press packaging and flexographic plate manufacturing specialists. R3 expanded their operations to give a wider reach with bases created in Dubai back in 2014 and more recently Mumbai - enabling a ‘Global Studio’ capability for pre-press studio work and flexo plate manufacturing. Additionally, R3 have recently agreed a partnership with a large-scale pre-press specialist in the US, the first of many worldwide partnerships planned over the coming months and years.

Reproflex3 managing director, Andrew Hewitson understands that this message is likely to be met with a little scepticism, given that the flexible packaging market in the Middle East & Asia is currently dominated by gravure: “Traditionally, flexo is widely considered as the cheaper, lower quality option for packaging, associated with less complex designs and often in the lower to mid-market sector. R3 have invested heavily in R&D and testing and have struck up some important partnerships with key players in the packaging industry to develop Project Blue – we are adopting a continuous improvement approach allowing us to break new ground and helping the industry to re-imagine what is possible with flexo plate technology. Through these partnerships and our pre-press technology, we can now deliver a far higher quality finish than was previously thought possible whilst at the same time, we have been able to deliver additional cost savings and an increase in both productivity and sustainability for our clients.”

"With near gravure quality from flexo plates, it’s understandable that R3 are excited about the future; their Global Studio setup is starting to take shape which is allowing them to streamline their workflow processes across international time zones to drive internal efficiencies and proficiencies. It’s also little wonder that major brand owners and converters alike are starting to take notice of this disruption to the high-end market. With a vision aligned closely to the success of their clients, R3 are committed to becoming the go to player in the flexo market space, facilitating growth and development through their exciting new technology. R3 firmly believe that flexo truly is the future of consumer goods packaging – this belief has genuine credibility thanks to their ground-breaking technology known as Project Blue. Already highly regarded in the UK and Europe, R3’s experienced Dubai site & soon-to-be fully operational Mumbai site are ready to take their existing clients on the Project Blue journey, opening up this exciting next generation opportunity to converters throughout the Middle East, Asia & Africa."

Finally R3 says to watch out, the consumer packaging world is starting to turn Project ‘Blue’.