Papers Worldwide recently announced their new company logo and company colours as part of the ongoing evolution of the company and its brand.

Talking about the revamp, Vikramjeet Singh Judge, chairman of Papers Worldwide commented, “Our business has changed and evolved over the years, and we felt this is the precise time for a change. We have refreshed and redesigned our logo to reflect who we are today and to symbolize our dynamic path forward and unswerving commitment to the industry and our customers. With this new logo and visual identity, we are launching a global brand that stands for the things that matter to our customers: quality and choice, trusted expertise, collaborative service and innovative solutions. We are transforming our global visual presence to give a fresh, distinctive expression of the new Papers Worldwide and our mission to create a better world.”

He added, “After careful consideration, we have chosen a new logo that reflects a more modern and cutting edge look moving from colour to a black and white logo in a move towards a more modern and minimalist feel in line with the world of today. The new logo is very striking and presents a very solid and strong impression. In the upcoming months we will update all our collaterals, business cards, swatch books to incorporate the new logo. I reiterate that this is not just a logo change; this is a sign of times to come as Papers Worldwide boldly moves forward taking new steps, new partners, new team members and opening new offices. It is a new world at Papers Worldwide and we invite you to experience it.”

He further added, “We are seeing opportunities in the industry for the next 5 to 7 years. Earlier, we used to have four warehouses in Sharjah but now we have reduced it to bring in economies of scale. We have launched a subsidiary company called Infinity Papers in the city and their office is located in Business Bay. We still have two warehouses for Papers Worldwide in Sharjah which is being used to do business for other countries and to stock re-export materials. We have distributors in Sri Lanka and Bangladesh and are planning to appoint bahrain, Oman and Doha in 2019. We are going to make some fundamental change in the business. We want to be a composite paper  & print supplies company and not just a stock and sale company. In this journey, we have done many things including retail, cut packs and even printing services. Today, around 50% of our business in India is digital substrates. The change in the shift and thought is why we are not doing things differently in other countries and here. As a company today, the main objective is to do everything. In the current business environment, depending upon the requirement we need to run the business. As a whole we will be doing everything according to the needs or requirements of the customer. From January, everything we keep in stock will be made for Papers Worldwide Custom brands. My brand is my value so I won’t be a marketing company and distributor of anyone else’s brands. However, we will be selling the other brand certified papers under our own name. We are hoping to have everything in place by January/February 2019. We are one of the first in the industry who got the FSC & recycled certified products. We have already implemented the brand certified paper concept in India and everyone has accepted it. I may lose some companies due to their short sightedness but I am going to create value for my business and my brands. Once again we are very proud of our new modern minimalistic logo designed by one of the world-renowned advertising agencies Saatchi & Saatchi with a lot more cutting edge design items coming up which you will soon see in media. Papers Worldwide is also promoting heavily the “Print Wisely’ campaign as this is our byline for the company and we remain committed to promoting sustainable printing. So our new tag line for our business is ‘My Company, My Products, My Value’ will create more identity in the market.”