Talking about Epson, Jason Whiley, director of sales, Epson Middle East, said, “We have made our investments in three major areas like: infrastructure, partners and resource. Last year, we opened our new 600 sq.metre regional headquarters at Dubai Airport Free Zone, which is our first interactive Experience Centre in the region. The Epson’s Experience Centre features dedicated areas for business printing and scanning, retail solutions, Signage and Fine art section and different projection solutions. The second is the partner expansion which has got a huge investment and that’s been happening for more than 18 months and will be continuing the same in the next year as well. The third is the resource where we have recruited separate teams for sales, pre sales, technical sales, and many more. We are getting partners focused on different vertical and visitors to our booth can evidently see them in the show.”
He further said, “Apart from this, we have even invested in Saudi Arabia and Egypt. We are working with both the government and corporates in Saudi for technology initiatives. We are focusing on each and every vertical and will closely work with them to create demand for our partners. Traditionally, we are a technology driven company so we are developing our products based on the market requirements. Beyond technology it’s more about collaboration and partnership, which is significant. Last year, we had a strong growth in consumer segment. This year, we are focusing on B2B that’s why we have different PPM products. The year 2016 was an investment year for us and we invested a lot, in 2017 we saw the returns from the investments. There are many events coming up like Expo 2020 and lots of reforms have been made by the government for moving away from non-oil revenue. Even the government has announced many strategies to boost the market. Overall the 2016 show was little moderate, 2017 was quite exciting and 2018 was a strong show.GiTeX is the premier show for us. The size of the show demonstrated the expectation of the region in terms of business growth. GiTeX is the premier show for us. Epson is eagerly waiting for the launch of PaperLab and we will be making the announcement in 2019.We are planning to reduce the size so that it fits in office environment. The product is completely revolutionary for the market as it is very innovative. Since, it is appropriate for the UAE market, it is the best product.”