Konica Minolta Business Solutions Middle East is setting its sights on leadership in the industrial printing market with the addition of MGI Digital Technology (MGI) products for commercial print, and packaging to Konica Minolta's existing and growing portfolio.
Konica Minolta, with 40.5% stake in MGI aims to utilise skilled R&D power to develop unique products fulfilling customer needs in the digital professional printing market. Konica Minolta will further accelerate its initiatives for application development in the special printing systems including package printing. In response to the needs for decoration printing in the commercial packaging space. Konica Minolta’s enhancement in the product line through synergy creation, including joint development with MGI, will give the company a solid and strong presence within the digital package printing market and drive expansion in the growth field of production printing (PP).
During the past decade, Konica Minolta’s PP business has increased considerably with global business development as the leader in the colour production field. Konica Minolta in partnership with MGI will further strengthen its production print and industrial printing business in the Middle East by leveraging the strategic alliance and introducing new solutions into the market.
Konica Minolta Business Solutions Middle East has planned to announce the launch of MGI machines in the coming month to address the digitalization needs.
MGI product launch to happen on October at Juma Al Majid Est., Style Showroom, Salahudin Street Deira, Dubai - U.A.E.
During the launch event, Konica Minolta to unveil MGI JETVARNISH 3DS + IFOIL Solution for the Gulf region.