Dubai Economy Business Protection seminar for print and publishing businesses was hosted in Dubai on 3rd July. The event was supported by PrintWeek MEA and attended by industry experts. The event started with the welcome address by Ahmed Naji, manager, Business Protection Section, Dubai Economy. The welcome remarks was given for the Print and Publishing businesses. He spoke about various issues pertaining to  the industry. He gave several examples relating to other industry and how they solved the issue within the stipulated time.
The session continued with various protection policies of   the Dubai government to help the business people in the country. He insisted that owners should be aware of the policies which would help them to serve the customers better.
Finally, they had a question and answer session. During the session, several attendees raised questions relating to their business and all the questions were addressed by them appropriately.
The attendees welcomed the initiative taken by the Dubai government and requested frequent events in the future to address all their current issues so that they can easily overcome business issues.