Konica Minolta Business Solutions Middle East announces the launch of bizhub SECURE, a security solution that provides an added layer of security on Konica Minolta Multi-Function Printers (MFPs), says the  manufacturer.
Konica Minolta has been providing enhanced security features for the digital era and with the new bizhub SECURE functions, the security of the document data that might reside on the bizhub’ s internal hard drive.  
Easy to activate by a Konica Minolta field engineer, bizhub SECURE ensures  customers peace of mind by assisting end-users with the setup of enhanced password protection and data security measures.
Commenting on the launch of bizhub SECURE, Larry Leow, OPS manager at Konica Minolta said: "Data protection is becoming one of the most pressing issues globally and companies are spending millions on security technologies, but they often neglect the ample amount of data that resides in MFPs. At Konica Minolta, we understand the discretion of valuable data our customers and constantly innovate to ending any loopholes that might compromise data security.”
“The introduction of bizhub SECURE is a professional safeguard service to prevent the unauthorised usage and data extraction of the hard disk in the MFP and it should be an integral part of office solutions for all businesses that value data security," he added.