Konica Minolta Business Solutions Middle East has announced the “Konica Minolta MarketPlace”. The new Konica Minolta MarketPlace is a platform for the customer that require leading-edge applications, customization tools, and centralized device management features, reflecting the company’s forward-thinking direction and global strategy for future advancements.
The MarketPlace’s wide range of cloud, scan, productivity, information, and security applications allow users to quickly and easily increase the power of their Konica Minolta multifunction printers and meet the challenges of their everyday business. The revolutionary, web-based Design Tool, custom-designed MFP User Interfaces (UIs) can be quickly created and tailored to display the required functions, as well as the option to customize specific colours, logos, and unique backgrounds.
Commenting on the launch of the MarketPlace platform Deepu Panicker at Konica Minolta said, “We always strive to upgrade our products and services to present the best and most convenient business solutions to our valued customers. This new platform is in line with the future-ready goals and unified direction of our company as we continue to create a better workplace for today and tomorrow.”
Statement from Konica Minolta say that the MarketPlace offers:
  •     A modern, streamlined interface with consolidated navigation so that users can easily find and the apps and licenses can be obtained via the KM partner channel.
  •     Support for single stream billing to provide a unified, comprehensive billing experience consistent with the rest of Konica Minolta product offerings.
  •     Simplified account creation to allow first-time users quick access to MarketPlace offerings.
  •     Optimized operations for installing apps and custom MFP UIs, managing devices, managing operations, and much more, along with easily accessible online help to ensure key information is always available.
  •     The MarketPlace supports selling a greater variety of products with additional pricing capabilities, such as subscription-based licensing and volume-based discount pricing.