Epson unveils their latest series of WorkForce WF-C5000 Inkjet Series for the Middle East from June. The series consists of four models and they are, WF-C5210 DW, WF-C5290 DW, WF-C5710 DWF, and WF-C5790 DWF.
Andrew Hurt, regional sales manager – business, Epson Europe BV (Middle East Office), commented, “We believe in environment friendly products, which are one of the reason we are producing Injket series printers. We are moving business from volume to value through these series. We are again engaging ourselves directly with the customers and partners, which is one of our strategic strategies. We are talking to many schools and they are very much interested in our product and one of the reasons was the smart lock. Finally, the product is been built with less components which again makes them environment friendly.”
Christian Meiboeck, pre-sales specialist, Epson Europe B.V. (Middle East Office), said, “These series of products are positioned for small offices, small companies, and enterprise company who may have traditionally used lasers and want to cut costs, increase productivity and reduce downtime, while also reducing their environmental impact and improving their CSR reputation. These models are cost efficient than the previous model and even faster than them. Printer can print up to 10,000 pages in mono and 5,000 pages in colour without changing supplies with the largest ink yield in this segment. In addition, it produces the fastest first page out time for both colour and mono pages. Since, corporate companies are also responsible to have a greener environment and we Epson too believe in it and produced this series in line with it. The series printer allows you to reduce 66% in total energy consumption (TEC) value from previous models and 50% lower TEC than comparable laser models. Again, it consumes 90% less energy than comparable laser models. It can handle the glossy media from the standard front cassette through the separate hopper and retard rollers. The printer cartridges has 2.5 years of shelf life and 5 years of life if it’s inside the printer.”
He further commented about the solutions & security and education sector, “Epson Open Platform are compatible with both Epson third party solutions to easily integrate into existing structure – EPA, Document Capture Pro, EDA, and ISVs such as Papercut. We have a new lock mechanism in the printer, which prevents the kids from accessing the inks portion so this is an ideal solution for verticals such as education. In addition, we have added colour display over every cartridge holder and even size differs for every colour so that each colour will fit in only for the particular colour ink holder. Again, it prevents the theft of the inks and spills can be nullified. Since, it is consuming only less energy for printing so it will be a best for schools.”