Jacky’s Business Solutions LLC organized an one day technical and production workshop on 2nd May at Canon’s Sheikh Zayed Road showroom. During the one day workshop, they have featured products and samples from Canon, Zund, 3A Composites, Xanita, and EngView System. They have invited around 40 guests from the local market and they are planning to have the same for the other markets in the coming months.
Ralph Busselot, MD, Cutting Edge Solutions LLC, part of Jacky’s Group of Companies, commented, “This is an application workshop, which purely concentrated on two aspects. The first one is point of purchase display production and the second one is exhibition stands. They both are the based on the material from Xanita. We have designed the products using EngView System software, which has a comprehensive library of parametric components, and designs combined with Adobe Illustrator integration for delivering a robust kit that enables professionals to CREATE innovative packaging and POP/POS displays. All the designs in the library are editable and scalable to any material thickness and sizes, which again gives a lot of flexibility and creativity.”
He further added, “We have used the event to share the knowledge and to open the eyes of customer regarding the business opportunities. We have received more than 30 guests before noon and expecting another 10 before the closing session. The market is facing difficult times in terms of competitive margins and people are having difficulty to differentiate them from others. Through our solutions, we are offering the alternative business models for the customers. Apart from this, the software is very much flexible and the adaptability is very good. We have been representing these products in the markets for the past 10 years. The EngView is been sold for packaging segment and point of purchase display sector where it’s obviously based on flatbed cutting and digital printing."