By Venkat Raghavan
Compact Advertising LLC invested in a 5 meter UV LED printer from Leopard brand through Satbir International General Trading. The Leopard brand is supplied by the JHF Beijing Technology Company, which is one of the leading manufacturers of UV Inkjet Printers in China.
Talking about the reason for opting the brand and motive, Mohammed Ramath, managing partner from Compact Advertising, “JHF enjoys close to 80% of the market share in the UV printer segment in China and our 9 years of good relationship with Satbir made us to opt for this brand. In addition, we were using 3.2m UV hybrid printer from the same manufacturer and more satisfied with them. The growing demands for seamless 5 meter high quality UV printing in the region led us to look out for a 5 meter UV printer.”
Speaking about machine features and expansion plans, he added, “The printer is super-wide and we can print seamless up to 5 meters with a maximum speed of 100sqm/hr. It comes with the latest generation of Konica Minolta print head KM1024i with a droplet size of 13 PL, which is a perfect combination to achieve photo quality images or print outdoor commercial graphics at a good speed. We are well equipped at the moment to cater to our customer’s requirements and depending on the growth in the region or if there are any new innovations in the digital industry, we might add further equipment.”