The Gulf Print & Pack Advisory Board inaugural meeting held at the Roda Al Bustan Hotel, Dubai. Currently, the board is comprised with around 20 members from the industry.
The meeting was attended by Mike Hodge from GPP/Tarsus, James Samuel from GPP/Tarsus, Shyam Babu from Nilpeter, Nour Labidi from Bobst, Pratik Sardesai from Kodak, Rahul Dasgupta from Giffin Graphics, Bazil Cassim  from GPP/ Tarsus, Mammen Thomas and Venkat Raghavan from Printweek, and Anil Nath from ME Printer.
The members of the panel discussed on ‘How GPP Summit can improve and help clients’ businesses to grow and to educate them on how to increase productivity and save through the GPP Summit.'
During the meeting the board members proposed some suggestions like Organizers has to meet the printers to know their actual issues, Buyer tours should be organized during the show, consultation with DWTC on flexibility, pricing & logistics, and many more.
The Gulf Print & Pack summit is to happen on 4-5 March in Dubai. Various speakers are going to present their speech during the two day summit. During the summit they are going to have sessions on ‘The overview of printing industry’, CEO printer panel discussion to happen where they will discuss on new technologies, areas of investment, new initiatives for business expansion, labeling, anti-counterfeiting solutions, and many more.