Royal Advertising, Dubai recently won the first prize in the Eska’s Frog award competition in the category luxury packaging for the regions Russia, Central Asia, Middle East and Northern Africa. The event was held in Dubai at the Royal Advertising office where it was attended by Gimpex and Eska team along with media persons.

Each year Eska invite clients to submit their most beautiful or original products. Eska honours their customers for their amazing and special products. Each year they put the names of the winners of the 4 Frog Awards on a monument outside the entrance to their- Sappemeer site.

Jaap Boersma, senior sales manager and Robert Zwart, sales manager from Eska together, said, “Moreover, from all the worldwide winners in the category luxury box for Yas perfumes has won the first prize: a bronze sculpture by the Catalan artist Xavier Cuenca. We received many contributions but the Royal Advertising product impressed the jury most. The box attracts attention because of the beautiful materials and the way they are combined. It is made with a keen eye for detail and the quality of the finishing is very high. This box is a true testament to the organization’s craftsmanship.”

Talking about the award, Mazen Al Awamleh, MD of Royal Advertising, Dubai, commented, “We are very happy on receiving this award and it is a good encouragement for us.”