Right Concept Advertising, Dubai has invested again in the Colorjet Softjet Grande 3.2 metre wide printer after being impressed by the same machine which was installed last year.

Talking about the reason for choosing the machine, Biju Thomas, CEO of Right Concept Advertising, said, “I always evaluate the printhead, speed, per day usage before purchasing any machine and apart from this I know well what is good for me as I am into textile printing and while considering all these factors I went for this Softjet Grande again. Along with that, I need to keep changing the materials regularly for every products and this machine would be the perfect one for it. At this time, I am proud to say that I am the first one in the world to start commercial fabric printing and during that time many people in the industry was in testing phase but I went ahead by starting to print on them which is why I am still doing great in the industry.”

He added, “Digital printing over fabric is a massive industry and it will colossally grow in the coming years where it would allow the whole supply chain industry to grow. Also, the screen-printing has already started to move towards digital and again the speeds of the digital machines are far better than the screen printing.”