Dubai Printing Press, invested in Horizon folding machine AF762KLL from Prestige Graphics Trading, Dubai.

Speaking about the reason for opting the machine, S Prasanna Naidu, general manager of Dubai Printing Press, said, “Our jobs are almost straight forward jobs where we were looking for 32 page folding machine and while searching in the market we found this as the best. Also, while I was working for my previous company, we had a machine from Horizon which haven’t given any trouble. In this competitive world, we need to turn around the jobs instantly along with the best pricing and quality and we felt that this could be the best one and we went for this. In this machine the 32-page B1 sections can be folded with 12,000 sheets per hour."

He further added, “We were in the industry since 1963 where we always wanted to keep ourselves updated that is why we recently invested in CTP machine from Screen, sewing machine from Champion, apart from this one. Also, in the near future we will be exploring more into digital technologies. Finally, as a big expansion we are planning to move into industrial area inside Dubai and once we move to that, we will be investing in bigger machines to strive the current market which we kept in hold for a long while."