Kodak’s worldwide and regional management executives visited Dubai to meet their business partners and to focus on ME market.

Talking to PrintWeek MEA, Kodak’s general manager, worldwide sales and vice president, Gustavo Oviedo said: “It is important to reinforce our commitment to our partners and show how Kodak plans to support and grow their business profitably in the coming years.

“We are here to share our strategic vision and thank our partners for their continued support that has lead to our success in this promising region.”

Kodak’s managing director for EAMER and vice president, John O’Grady add perspective to his colleague’s comments: “Along with other organisations, 2009 has been a challenging year for Kodak too; but with the outlook appearing positive, we strongly feel that we have the right products in both consumer imaging and commercial printing segments to capitalise on the opportunities ahead.

“Middle East has fared better as compared to other regions, which gives us more confidence and hope for a faster recovery.”

The company also revealed that their 2010 business strategy would focus on expanding their market share with the introduction of a new technically advanced portfolio of consumer and commercial products that are ground breaking and innovative.

Talking to PrintWeek MEA, Kodak’s director sales and vice president for EAMER, Philip Cullimore said: “Consumers have always trusted Kodak in capturing, protecting and sharing their precious memories and we have successfully managed to offer the simplest solution to do just that for over a century.

“The new digital Kodak follows the same principles and our current and upcoming digital products will continue to take image taking and sharing to the next level, suited for today’s generation of digital consumers.”

Kodak Near East was established in 1977, has sales, marketing, finance and customer service functions to cater to the Kodak business partners or distributors across the ME, Africa, Turkey and South Africa.