Emirates Printing Press has invested in a GMG colour management and proofing softwares.  This includes a colour server, ink optimiser and colour proof software.

The company’s manager for quality control and special projects, Thyagarajan Balasubramaniyam said: “Our motive is to have ISO 12647-2 standard certified proofs and prints.”

He said that before making the purchase, the company had analysed several similar products.

“We found that GMG offered the best options that we were looking for. We also noticed that GMG is very reliable in reproducing consistent colours.”

When asked which of the features he particularly liked, Thyagarajan said he liked the colour proof option.

The ColorServer processes colour space conversions from one colour standard to another by using a new approach designed by GMG, called DeviceLink.

It also offers a feature which allows files unprepared for printing to be placed in a hot folder and then processed according to the parameters defined for this hot folder, foe example scaled, sharpened and separated into the desired CMYK colour space.

The InkOptimiser is intended to save up to 25% saving on ink. It uses sophisticated ink reduction algorithms and a DeviceLink transformation which is applied to individual images or complete pages.

In the process, the quantities of cyan, magenta and yellow inks used are reduced, and the proportion of black ink simultaneously is increased, while maintaining an identical color impression.

The ColorProof has a new intuitive user interface and uses GMG’s Proof Standard technology. The software automatically selects the profile and calibration for a specific printer including the appropriate paper. If the parameters do not match the actual settings, the job is  stopped for checking.