Although organisations could save between $64 million and $147m on annual printing costs by utilising in house printing, this will not mean the death of outsourced printing.

This according to general manager of OKI Printing Solutions Middle East, India and North Africa, John Ross.

Talking to PrintWeek MEA at a press conference held to disclose the findings of a study on the UAE printing industry done by independent economic research consultancy Cebr, Ross said: “Although it appears as though more and more companies will be printing in house in future, this will not mean that bigger printing houses will lose all their jobs. The need for printing houses will still be there for a while.”

Based on the study, Emirati business spends around $1,3 billion each year on printed material. This includes $309m on outsourced printing - larger in size than the entire Emirati legal sector.

Ross said: “Overall, we estimate that the cost of in house printing at firms accounts for 0.5% of Emirate gross value added. This is nearly twice as much as the value of outsourced printing.”