Xerox Emirates has hosted a series of seminars featuring various applications such as its Print-on-Demand solution in a bid to target new economic sectors in the UAE.

The company specifically aimed to centre the seminars around specific IT requirements within the educational and healthcare sectors.

Its general manager, Andrew Hurt said that based on  a recent study conducted by IDA, a global market intelligence company, the educational sector in the UAE spent about $167 million last year on IT-related products and services.

“We aimed to demonstrate our tailor-made solutions which would not only streamline workflow, reduce cost but also increase organisational productivity in the healthcare and educational sector,” he said, adding that in some instances, IT departments spent as much as 5% of the company’s revenue on meeting their document requirements.

The respective seminars were called ‘Innovate to Care’ and ‘Innovate to Educate’.

Hurt said they had also seen a “surge in demand” for solutions such as Aycan over the past few years, which is an imaging solution for radiology.

He said apart from ensuring immediate savings, it was also environmentally friendly.

In addition, the company hosted a VIP seminar on Leadership and Innovation in Challenging Times.

World-renowned mind mapping expert, Tony Buzan, delivered the keynote address on how to survive during the present financial storm.