Abu Dhabi Media Company’s flagship English-language newspaper, The National, has scooped 22 awards for the 30th annual Society for News Design competition. The newspaper, which was launched in April last year with Lucie Lacava as design consultant, received recognition for feature design as well as news, business and sport presentation.

The number of awards that The National bagged put the newspaper at number ten during this year’s competition, which helped in putting the UAE fourth in the ‘top ten countries by number of awards’.

The designers honoured in the competition were managing editor and art director, Laura Koot; deputy art director, Nathan Estep; assistant art director, Lee McGorie and the design team of Elysia Smith, Matthew Kurian, April Robsinson, Kerri Abrans and Neil Vorano.

Executive director of publishing at Abu Dhabi Media Company (ADMC), Gavin Dickinson, said: “The National continues to break ground with its quality content and world-class design. After less than a year, it’s a great achievement to be in the top ten with established global publications such as The New York Times. All credit to our talented designers and journalists for putting us there.”

 Other publications entering the awards were The Los Angeles Times, The National Post (Toronto), the Boston Globe, The New York Times and its magazines, La Presses (Montreal) and Zaman (Istanbul) with three newspapers coming in at tenth place for the number of awards won. These were The Buffalo News, the Chicago Tribune and Clarin (Buenos Aires).

There were 346 entries from 43 countries, including the US with 487 awards and the UAE with 37 awards.