Ricoh upgrades Pro 8200s series

Ricoh has announced the enhancement of Pro 8200s series by expanding the capability of its long sheet (banner) printing of up to 700mm and an improved stacker to allow heavier media use.
Benoit Chatelard, Vice President, Production Printing, Ricoh Europe said: “Chatelard, Vice President, Production Printing, Ricoh Europe, says, “The 8200s series empowers printers to produce a wide variety of applications by eliminating manual steps. Printing on thick and coated media for attractive inserts

Hapa expands inkjet range with two new additions

Swiss manufacturer Hapa has extended its drop-on-demand piezo inkjet range of systems with the launch of two new units. The MedJet 470, which uses technology based on Hapa’s Webjet technology, is designed to be compact and integrate easily onto continuous or intermittent motion packaging machines. The single-colour UV inkjet, which is designed for the medical packaging industry, uses solvent-free UV curing inks.
The unit is suitable for printing onto a wide range of substrates including

Azonprinter expands portfolio with new UV LED printer

Croatian manufacturer Azonprinter has extended its Razor product range with the launch of a new UV LED printer.  The Azon Razor Hale, which is commercially available with immediate effect, features an LED curing system with a long-lasting, energy-efficient UV LED lamp that generates low levels of heat.
The machine, which offers a printable surface area of 290x800mm, can print directly onto PET, ABS, TPU and polycarbonate substrates as well as wood, stone, glass, canvas, ceramic, leather and

Ultimaker launches third-gen 3D printer

Netherlands-based 3D printer manufacturer Ultimaker has launched its third-generation Ultimaker 3.  The new 3D printer startted shipping in November. It is priced at £2,795.
The machine is Ultimaker’s first release since the Ultimaker 2 was launched in 2013 and is its first to have dual extrusion capabilities.
The Ultimaker can print a wide range of materials, including nylon, PVA and PVC. A further Ultimaker Plus range of materials is due to be brought out in the next six to 12 months.
It prints

Glamour mag ditches format

Glamour magazine, which pioneered the ‘handbag-size’ format is ditching the dinky edition in favour of a new, larger size that reflects today’s “more luxurious and indulgent” print experience.
The Condé Nast title will launch its new look from the February 2017. The new format is 276x203mm, the same size as stablemate Vanity Fair, whereas the handbag size was around 20% smaller at 223x168mm. It will also be printed on thicker, brighter paper but Condé Nast declined to specify the make and

Agfa Graphics unveils Fortuna 10 software for security printing

Agfa Graphics is set to launch the 10th version of its Fortuna security printing software. Fortuna 10 is a modular package for the digital design of security elements that is aimed at high-end security printers. The software is currently being beta tested and will be commercially available for Windows 10 at the end of the year.
This version, which will replace Fortuna 9, features new security design tools and modules, new rasters and a series of additional tools focusing on productivity and

Afrina Label launches 2 new label finishing systems, 3 more coming

Narrow-web label printer manufacturer Afinia Label UK has launched two new label finishing systems and announced that three more are on the way.  The DLF-220 and DLF-220L, which were launched last month, both unwind, knife cut, remove waste, slit and rewind labels. The DLF-220L has an additional lamination feature and is able to work with both unsupported and ‘linered’ laminates.
The firm said these machines can be used to create full-bleed labels using web widths from 110 to 225mm due to

Xerox upgrades C60 and C70 printers

Xerox has added a number of enhancements to its C60 and C70 printers following customer feedback. The printers can now take substrates weighing between 60 and 300gsm (256 autoduplex). Previously, they could only take autoduplex weights up to 220gsm and the lightest weight they could take was 64gsm.
They also now come with Paper Catalogue, an online library of substrate attributes, which allows customers to get fast access to frequent stocks.
Other improvements include the addition of the simple

New 3D printer launched

Netherlands-based 3D printer manufacturer Ultimaker has launched its third-generation Ultimaker 3.  The new 3D printer was launched in October this year, with shipping starting in November.
The machine is Ultimaker’s first release since the Ultimaker 2 was launched in 2013 and is its first to have dual extrusion capabilities.
The Ultimaker can print a wide range of materials, including nylon, PVA and PVC. A further Ultimaker Plus range of materials is due to be brought out in the next six to 12

Mimaki unveils two new UV curable UJF flatbed printers

Mimaki has launched two new UV flatbed printers aimed at sign and graphics firms looking to diversify their offering and manufacturing companies requiring flexibility and short-run production capabilities.
The UJF-3042 MkII and the UJF-6042 MkII are the successors to the UJF-3042HG and UJF-6042 models respectively.
The devices can print at maximum speeds of 2.48sqm/hr and 3.52sqm/hr respectively, which represents a 20% improvement in speed over previous models, as well on objects up to 153mm

Roland launches new SG series of wide format eco solvent printers

Roland DG has announced the launch of two new wide-format eco-solvent printers in its TrueVis range, the 760mm-wide SG-300 and the 1.4m-wide SG-540.
The two printers comprising the SG series were launched on 1st September and are priced at $9,084 for the 300 and $12,329 for the 540. They join other printers in the TrueVis range, launched in March 2016, including the VG-540 and VG-640.
Roland sales manager Rob Goleniowski said: “Effectively what we have done is incorporated our knowledge of

Fujifilm launches new Select range printers

Fujifilm has launched its Acuity Select 30 HS series of printers. The two printers in the series, the standard and X2, follow directly on from the Acuity Select 20 series, launched at Fespa, but have added features and print at almost double the speed.
They became available for purchase from 7th September and start at $168,727, $51,916 more than the starting price of the 20 series.
Fujifilm wide-format product solutions manager Steve Cookman said: “This is the next iteration of the Acuity

Xerox’s digital career pathway

Xerox is answering the call to train the next generation print industry workforce with the Xerox Digital Career Pathway Program (XDCPP), which will be highlighted on Education Main Street in booth #570 at Graph Expo which takes place Sept. 25-28 at Orlando’s Orange County Convention Center.
Formerly known as the Xerox School to Career Program, the XDCPP is a trade program that provides students the opportunity to learn digital print production skills and knowledge they need to succeed. The

Eastsign has launched flexible textiles press for ‘quick’ jobs

Digital print kit manufacturer Eastsign has launched a flatbed transfer heat press that it said can complete a textile job in one minute.

The FOT series flatbed thermal transfer machines are suitable for jobs such as garments, flat sheets, cut pieces and seat pads, according to the Hong Kong based firm.

Features include a three-way open shuttle for processing large pieces of fabric. Eastsign said the machines boasts an even distribution of temperature and pressure and strong pneumatic

New desktop, direct-to-garment printer launched by Ricoh

Ricoh gave customers a sneak peak of its new direct-to-garment printer at an event recently.

The firm showed off an AnaJet mPower mP10i desktop device as part of a technology showcase.

Ricoh acquired AnaJet earlier this year. The mPower i-series printers are now fitted with Ricoh’s Gen4 drop-on-demand printheads and use water-based pigment ink.

The two models in the range, the mP5i and mP10i, both print in CMYK plus two whites. They produce the highest quality images on many types of

Komfi launches book edge printing machine

Thermal laminating machine supplier Komfi has introduced a book-edge printing machine that is specifically designed for digital UV printing on book edges using inkjet technology.

The imiJet BE70 is semi-automatic in operation and features an integrated PC that provides built-in help and self-diagnostics, as well as easy job preparation.

The printing process involves a one-person operation via a screen and involves the application of either UV inks or UV varnish to all three book

Xaar rolls out new printhead

Xaar is “pleased with progress” at its half-year and has revealed that a major player in textiles is among the first OEM partners for its new 5601 aqueous printhead.

The inkjet developer officially launched the new thin film printhead at Drupa.

Chief executive Doug Edwards said that following 60 successful demonstrations to potential partners at the show, it was now engaging with the first tranche of OEMs to integrate the head into their products.

“We are working with a major player in

Epson, 3M join hands to launch co-branded inks for graphics

Epson and 3M announced a partnership to launch a new series of co-branded inks – Epson-3M UltraChrome GS3 Inks – designed for use in Epson’s SureColor S-Series roll-to-roll solvent printers, including the SC-S40600, SC-S60600 and SC-S80600.

The premium inks provide signmakers and print service providers (PSPs) a 3M MCS- warranty for finished graphics created using supported 3M films, clears, over-laminates, and application tapes, once they have completed the certification process. 

“We are

Müller Martini, Ultimate announce partnership for personalisation

Ultimate TechnoGraphics and Müller Martini have joined forces to offer an  ‘efficient’ workflow that automates imposition for on-demand and personalized books and magazines.

Müller Martini is integrating Ultimate’s Impostrip VDP software capabilities as part of its Connex data and process management system to manage the entire manufacturing process, from job submission to finished books and magazines. This will result in a more efficient and cost-effective solution for book-of-one and

Bosch launches ‘world first’ dust-tight pack packaging

Packaging technology company Bosch has partnered with a Swedish paper specialist BillerudKorsnäs to develop what they claim to be the world’s first Sealed Paper Packaging.

Instead of using polymer film, a new solution enables production of dust-tight packaging for dry products such as sugar, grains, flour or powders using sustainable mono-material paper, which contains no additional polymer fractions. As a result, retailers and consumers profit from clean shelves, high product protection and

Mimaki unveils enhancements

Mimaki announced the availability of RasterLink6 ver. 5.0 RIP software. The new version  includes popular Pantone colour libraries, colour replacement via spectrophotometer measurements and support for creating FOTOBA cut marks.

This version includes the Pantone+ solid coated and Pantone+ solid uncoated colour libraries. Pantone spot colours in design files are automatically detected and converted to the CMYK build. The Adobe Illustrator-compatible DIC colour collection and Mimaki original

EFI boosts portfolio with first textile software acquisition

EFI has boosted its textile portfolio with the acquisition of 2D/3D fashion design and prototyping software developer Optitex.

EFI said that Optitex’s portfolio of products, which are essentially used to shorten the time from apparel design to manufacture, was a solid fit with Reggiani – the Italian manufacturer of industrial textile printers it bought last year.

Gabriel Matsliach, senior vice-president and general manager from the EFI Productivity Software said: “Optitex technology

Clickar first to launch augmented reality web-to-print

Spanish-based Clickar is showed its new Lala print product at Drupa, which it says is the first web-to-print programme with augmented reality.

While it has been working with augmented reality concepts for eight years, the new web-to-print programme allows users to scan images with their phone or iPad and have them sent directly to a print shop for printing and see the finished product before it is printed.

Clickar US partner Jose Marti said: “Clickar brand has sold 600 licenses worldwide

Kodak, PerfectPattern announce partnership

Kodak and PerfectPattern have announced a partnership to provide ‘advanced workflow capabilities’ for commercial and packaging customers. 

The companies will collaborate to deliver workflow functionality focused on productivity that will streamline operations for Kodak’s Prinergy Workflow customers to any professional printing organization world-wide

One of the first capabilities in joint development is a cloud-based sheet optimization functionality for PSP’s. 

“The Unified Workflow

HP launches three new Latex printers at Drupa this year

HP launches three new HP Latex printers at Drupa, to fill in gaps in its portfolio.

The 1.6m-wide 560 and 570 will be 30%-50% faster than the existing 360 model, while the 3.25m-wide 1500 will have most of the features of the top-of-the-range 3100 and 3500 models but for an entry-level customer.

HP global business director large-format graphics division Joan Perez Pericot said: “What we’re doing is completing the portfolio which some customers request. In the low volume-market we see more

De La Rue looks at joint ventures for its banknote paper business

De La Rue is talking to other papermakers about a potential joint venture for its banknote paper business.

The security printing giant has already turned to partnerships with other specialists to flex its print capacity, and outsourced the production of more than 500m banknotes in its last year. 

Chief executive Martin Sutherland said: “We think there’s more we can do with our paper business to fundamentally improve the prospects of this business going forward. 

“We are in talks with a

Steinemann exhibits new products at show

Steinemann displayed their new varnishing machines for narrower sheet formats at Drupa 2016.   Steinemann  has launched the dmax 76c as an entry-level model for sheet sizes up to 76 x 76 cm and with a capacity of up to 6,000 sheets per hour. By Speed Upgrade, the capacity can later be boosted to  10,000 sheets per hour, as demanded in industrial applications.

Among the options for the larger dmax models are a roller-type unit for full-flood varnishing with standard varnishes, offering

GMG enhances software

GMG has announced the release of its multichannel profiling software GMG OpenColor 2.0.4 that can create separation profiles which can be exported to other applications. Users can benefit from GMG OpenColor ability to predict overprints.

GMG OpenColor has received the PIA InterTech Technology Award, FTA Technical Innovation Award and a Technical Innovation commendation from the European Rotogravure Association.

OpenColor 2.0.4 can be used within GMG Color-Server, Adobe Photo-shop, and

Agfa improves its Tauro output with extra automation

Agfa is launching a new stacker for its 2.5m-wide flatbed Jeti Tauro at Drupa.

The device works with the ABF semi-automatic feeder launched at SGIA in September to create a ¾ automation line-up.

The feeder moves up to four boards to the Jeti Tauro, launched along with the Jeti Mira at Fespa in 2015,  for printing in a measured manner, allowing an operator to go fetch more and the stacker automates the other end of the process.

The stacker can be configured with up to 12 suction cups to

Roland DG adds heavy-duty VersaUV flatbed to range

Roland DG has launched a new heavy-duty addition to its VersaUV flatbed line, the VersaUV LEJ-640FT, which features extra inks.

The six-colour printer- CMYK plus white and gloss  is larger than the VersaUV LEF-300, released in January and can print on flexible or rigid substrates or objects up to 150mm in height, - 50mm more than the LEF-300 - and 100kg in weight, the company said.

The LEJ-640FT has a 1,606x2,490mm print area and is therefore suitable for a range of companies offering printed


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  • Exhibition

    The first ever 3D printing conference cum exhibition ‘3D Print UAE’ took place on 17th and 18th August 2015 at Dubai World Trade Centre, UAE which attracted a number of like-minded 3D Printing professionals from over 40 nations.

    3D Print UAE exhibition cum conference is a concept aimed at providing a broad scale platform for the manufacturing sector and consumer world across the ME region. 

    3D Print UAE gave an opportunity for the additive manufacturing experts from across the globe to converge on this regional platform to showcase their solutions, analyze the benefits and discuss the opportunities in the Middle East. It also provided the opportunity for a listen- in to first-hand experience from industry leaders, connect solutions for overcoming challenges in the field, and enhance the brand and  business portfolio. 

     Steffan Ritt, VP-head of global marketing and communications, SLM Solutions Group commented:  “Since, this is the first kind of event in this region, it has attracted less number of visitors. However, the visitors and participants were more positive. Overall, the show went fairly well for us but we would have been happier if the organizers promoted the event well in advance.”  SLM Solutions were one among the gold sponsors of the event.

    Most of visitors commented that these kinds of exhibitions and conference should be encouraged to create more awareness about the 3D printing in this region. 

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