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Konica Minolta Dubai subsidiary provides different services, systems and solutions to business clients in the Middle East, catering to the demands in all of the office documents printing, scanning and copying processes, as well as to the needs in the production printing sector. Their Optimized Print Services concept includes guidance and consultancy in the selection of the most suitable hardware and software and also service operations for the most efficient and cost effective business processes. The wide range of products on their offer covers all the printing needs of any type of company, from monochrome and color inkjet and laser printers, multifunctional systems and all in one machines, to printing management software that allows the users to integrate the different devices, for a smooth work process.

The Middle East branch of the company recently teamed up with Y Soft Corporation, in order to develop together the best print management solutions to the clients in the region. The companies already had a global agreement and now it is expanded to the GCC countries. The solutions and services provided by the partner companies offer help to the clients, so that they are able to lower both the direct and indirect costs and also to control any malfunctions or mistakes in the printing processes, preventing the need to pay extra money and any disruptions implied by unnecessary spikes in consumables. The software created in cooperation by the two companies is integrated in the touch interface of the printers, allowing the users to control, secure and optimize the printing environment and resulting in considerable cost savings and greater productivity. The SafeQ  provides a smart way of managing the printing operations and is available on a subscription for a period of time or as a perpetual license. The software can be configured according to the needs of each company, depending on its needs. It gives the opportunity to connect multiple offices and branches and to facilitate the document release from one place to another and it ensures a completely secure printing environment, eliminating the risk of unauthorized access to confidential information.

If you are not sure what types of printers or multifunctional machines are the most suitable for the needs of your business or you are interested in how the print management software can be customized and what are the other benefits of using such solutions, do not hesitate to contact Konica Minolta Dubai for more information.