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Kodak is a company with branches throughout the world that is specialized in all types of imaging solutions for both the private and commercial sector. They provide products developed by them or by partnering with other companies, including a wide range of hardware, the software needed in order to operate the equipment, the most suitable consumables, as well as different services for clients in the graphic arts, commercial printing, publishing, packaging and entertainment sectors, solutions for all types of electronic display needs and photo and video solutions for the private consumers. Kodak Dubai is the most important branch in the Middle East region, offering high quality products to clients in the UAE and in other GCC countries.

One of the latest innovative products launched by Kodak, that will be coming soon to the market,  is the CFH-V20 video monitoring camera, which is considered to be a great success and a cheaper and more technological advanced option, compared to other similar products offered by their competitors. The new camera offers surveillance features at a commercial grade and at a great price, for the private consumer market. It features a wide 180 degree field of view, high quality imaging during day and night, wi-fi connection for an easy monitoring from anywhere, IFTTT integration, as well as an advanced smart detection technology. The clients are able to connect the device to their mobile phones, tablets or computers, using specifically designed apps for added automation and allowing them to configure the motion sensitivity and send remote commands directly to the camera from anywhere, including having the possibility to aim it in a different direction or to enable or disable motion detection. The technologically advanced camera is versatile, very user friendly and offers intelligent options and high quality imaging that have not been available in this class of cameras and in this price range before. It is a premium consumer product with useful features like automatically correcting the lighting in order to get a clear image and a one day cloud storage that allows the users to look back on the recorded video from the last 24 hours. The storage time can be increased if needed, to 14 or 30 days plans, by paying a monthly fee. The product will soon be available for purchase in all shops in different countries in the world, including in the Kodak Dubai one, as well as online, on the websites of the partners.