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Kodak Dubai


Kodak Dubai offers everything you need for both personal or commercial photography, including the latest technologies in digital, film or single use cameras and all the gear and accessories you might need for your camera, as well as long life batteries with an improved performance, powerful chargers for any type of batteries and photo storage solutions, such as memory cards, portable USB flash drive products and CDs and DVDs with advanced data protection.

Photo printing solutions are also provided in many locations in the UAE, from the famous Kodak kiosks that allow you to edit your photos with a variety of tools, according to your needs, and then print individual or multiple photos on your choice of paper in just seconds, while having the option to zoom, crop, resize or create photo collages or books, among many others. Traditional high quality printing services from any film or single use camera, as well as printing solutions from all digital devices like mobile phones, CDs or DVDs, USB sticks and of course, any type of digital cameras, are also available. The latest digital technology used in photo printing allows their professionals to create enlarged pictures or posters in various sizes on all kinds of matte, gloss or satin paper and also on special canvas, if you are looking for a painting effect for your family portraits or amazing landscapes photos. Greeting cards, calendars, as well as T-shirts, handbags, mugs, pillows and many others can be customized and printed with your choice of pictures, according to your needs.

The experts at Kodak offer a variety of photography options in their studios, from portraits to ID or passport pictures, in strict compliance with the government specifications. Any photos taken in the studio are carefully taken and printed in order to meet any size and background requirements. Also, if you have any old or damaged photos you can bring them in the studio to be scanned and corrected as much as it is possible, backlight mistakes, colors and red eye being the most common problems that can be fixed from prints, and then have them digitally archived or printed again with a higher quality.

If you are looking for at home printing solutions, you can purchase their high quality all in one printers with memory and USB card slots that allow you to view, crop, resize and print your pictures with or without the use of a computer. Different types of inkjet coated or uncoated paper and pigmented inks are also provided, for convenient and cost efficient printing solutions in the comfort of your own home.


For the best options to display your photos at home or in your office, you can choose from a wide range of digital frames that can be set to display a single image or a slide show of multiple ones. Other kinds of frames, albums and mounts, together with many different scrapbooking products can also be purchased in the many Kodak Dubai locations.