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Kodak in Dubai

Kodak is a company with branches throughout the world that is specialized in all types of imaging solutions for both the private and commercial sector. They provide products developed by them or by partnering with other companies, including a wide range of hardware, the software needed in order to operate the equipment, the most suitable consumables, as well as different services for clients in the graphic arts, commercial printing, publishing, packaging and entertainment sectors, solutions for all types of electronic display needs and photo and video solutions for the private consumers. Kodak Dubai is the most important branch in the Middle East region, offering high quality products to clients in the UAE and in other GCC countries.


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Kodak Dubai


Kodak Dubai offers everything you need for both personal or commercial photography, including the latest technologies in digital, film or single use cameras and all the gear and accessories you might need for your camera, as well as long life batteries with an improved performance, powerful chargers for any type of batteries and photo storage solutions, such as memory cards, portable USB flash drive products and CDs and DVDs with advanced data protection.

Photo printing solutions are also

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