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HP – Hewlett Packard is a world renowned company headquartered in the USA, developing and providing a wide range of computer hardware components, laptops, desktops, printers, scanners, multifunctional machines for office use, as well as software and related services to worldwide consumers from the private sector, for at home office use and also for small, medium and large enterprise businesses in a variety of sectors.

The HP – Hewlett Packard Dubai branch, like all branches throughout the world who address to the private or corporate clients of a specific country, offers computer and printing solutions to any person or business in the UAE.

Their options for home offices include a great selection of laptops, tablets, desktops and peripherals, monitors, document and photo printers, scanners, all in one machines with printing, scanning, copying and faxing options, digital projectors, calculators, different accessories, all the supplies needed for operating the equipment, such as black and colored ink and toner cartridges, different types of paper for document printing and matte, gloss or satin finish coated photo paper, as well as all the required software for installing the different equipment provided on a computer.

For small and medium sized companies, there is a great choice of products, apart from the ones for at home use, that are also suitable for offices with low to medium volumes of work. Additional products specifically designed for small and medium businesses include a variety of workstations, multifunctional machines, design jet printers and scanners, professional projectors, LED digital signage displays, video wall displays with protective glass, network print servers, workstation blades, integrity servers, moon shot systems, uninterruptible power systems, power distribution systems, different storage solutions, data center software defined and other types of networking systems, switches, wireless networking solutions, as well as many world class services, including analytics and data management, applications, business process, data center, workload, cloud and security solutions, various industry specific solutions, mobility and workplace services and consulting, assurance and also flexible capacity services.

For large enterprise businesses, apart from all the needed office equipment, software and different services also offered for smaller companies, HP – Hewlett Packard also offers comprehensive technology solutions for infrastructure, security, data analytics and mobility.


Whether you are looking for computer, peripherals or software solutions for your home office or for you business of any size, HP – Hewlett Packard Dubai offers everything you need in terms of equipment and solutions for different applications. All of the products provided by them come with different warranty times and continuous technical support offered by their professionals. The experts working at this company can recommend the most suitable options for the different personal or business needs you might have, depending on the volume of work you intend to use them for, the results that you are looking to achieve and the amount of money you are willing to invest in the equipment, software or supplies.