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Heidelberg UAE

Heidelberg is an important provider and reliable partner to the printing industry in the entire world. The Dubai branch serves to the growing printing sector in the UAE, supplying equipment and materials for the mass publishing and packaging industries, where a great demand of printing solutions has been seen in the last years.

Heidelberg Dubai offers all the components needed, customized to the requirements of the client, together with the right services and consumables, for successful and cost efficient operations in many business sectors. The range of products extends from prepress and press systems to post press systems, including computer to plate systems, state of the art digital and hybrid printing technologies, sheet fed and preconfigured standard offset presses, cutting, folding, die cutting, carton folding and gluing solutions and advanced labeling systems, as well as individually configured special presses, according to the specifications of the client. Stable, safe and practical printing plate trolleys, different adhesives and cleaners, inks for different coated or uncoated paper densities, printing blankets for transferring the data from the printing plates to the different substrates, water and UV based coatings for letterpress, offset, flexographic and gravure printing, ink duct foils, inking and dampening rollers, stitching wires and thermal aluminum plates are also provided, among many other products.

With many years of experience in manufacturing and providing equipment for the commercial printing, as well as packaging and label printing industries, Heidelberg continuously develops all the products, in order to meet the requirements of the clients. The latest digital printers that have been launched on the market come with near offset quality, greater substrate flexibility to complex graphic works and improved productivity. The printers can be used with an expanded substrate range and are able to accommodate different format sizes, providing them with new applications that have not been previously available in the same price range as these. There is a great choice of substrates that can be used with this type of printers, ranging from structured paper and coated media paper to synthetic films. The toner used on these printers has a low melting point, meaning that the machine can print even on heat sensitive plastics. Presentation material like brochures, posters and bound books can be produced at a printing speed of 130 pages per minute, allowing a fast production flow. The machines can be used for both low or high volumes of prints, depending on the needs of the client and they also come with inline finishing solutions and inline UV coating, and also with high capacity stacking, perforating, folding and binding with adhesives systems.


If you are looking for any types of printing solutions, no matter the application you intend to use them for, Heidelberg Dubai can provide all the equipment and supplies you need, matching all the requirements and specifications of your company and also the volumes of prints that you intend to produce. The experts at the local branch can recommend the most suitable systems, taking into consideration your needs and the price you are willing to pay for the products.