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Heidelberg in Dubai

Digital and offset printing are the most widely used methods in the industry and usually, the choice between the two is made depending on the overall costs of the procedure, the quantity of prints that need to be produced and the type of substrate that needs to be used for each project.

The Heidelberg Dubai branch is a major provider of printing equipment in the Middle East region, offering solutions for both commercial and in plant printing. With the latest printers provided by this company, which have been launched this year, there is no need to choose between purchasing a digital or an offset printer anymore, since the benefits of both methods are integrated in one single system.

The new Linoprint CV and Linoprint CP were developed

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Heidelberg UAE

Heidelberg Dubai

Heidelberg is an important provider and reliable partner to the printing industry in the entire world. The Dubai branch serves to the growing printing sector in the UAE, supplying equipment and materials for the mass publishing and packaging industries, where a great demand of printing solutions has been seen in the last years.

Heidelberg Dubai offers all the components needed, customized to the requirements of the client, together with the right services and consumables, for successful and

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