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Fuji is famous for the high quality photography and imaging solutions for both the private, as well as the business sectors. The company has regional branches in many locations throughout the world, the one for the Middle East, Fuji Dubai, being located in the UAE.

 The company has been one of the early developers that brought substantial innovations in the consumer compact camera market. Being in  the photographic industry for decades, they provide a wide range of high quality cameras with different features, from digital to film versions, addressed to both photo enthusiasts, as well as professionals in the industry, depending on the purposes they have been designed to be used for.

If you are looking for a simple and easy to use point and shoot digital compact camera that is easy to carry everywhere on holidays, in order to capture memorable moments with your family and friends, you have the option of a regular or slim design and you can choose from various products with different features, depending on your needs. The premium X-range compact cameras are small, slim, extremely portable everywhere and come with a luxurious look and feel, along with high end technical specifications that allow you to shoot great photos and record at high quality and also to be able to transfer the files on your smartphone or directly post them on social networks. Their retro look and stylish appearance make them also a great functional accessory for anyone and their reduced size allows them to be carried in your pocket or even in a small purse.

 You can also choose from a couple of rugged and waterproof cameras that are waterproof, shockproof and freeze and rust proof and are the best solutions for adventure holidays or for photos on the beach or on ski slopes. 

The compact system cameras are aimed to professionals and also to the ones just starting in photography as a hobby, offering increased detail resolution, advanced zoom functions, quick auto focus and screen tilting options and allowing you to take control of every aspect of shooting or recording.

The company is also famous on the bridge camera market, offering options from basic cameras to advanced ones, that allow shooting in automatic, semi-automatic and manual modes and also in numerous scene and exposure modes. Full HD video recording, high quality optical zoom and wireless connection to the internet are only a few of the features that most of the cameras come with.

All types of cameras, as well as all the accessories and supplies you might need, can be purchased from the Fuji Dubai shop. If you are unsure which specifications are relevant for your projects and what you should consider before choosing the most suitable product, the specialists working there will be more than happy to answer to all of your enquiries.