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Fuji Dubai provides a wide array of both consumer and business specific products, together with all the supplies needed and the support required in order to use the products properly. Their offer includes different types of digital cameras, including 3D digital cameras, lens accessories, such as protector filters, conversion lens, mount adapters, lens hoods, adapter rings and lens caps, shoe mount flashes, exposure setting dials, levers for setting wide panels, mounting lock releasing buttons, wireless slave flash selectors, all types of camera cases, including waterproof cases specifically designed for underwater use, hand grips, correction lenses, camera batteries, battery chargers, DC couplers, power adapters, long eye cups, stereo microphones, remote releases, body caps, AV cables and many other camera accessories. Different types of photo printers, photography software, photo finishing equipment, color negative films, color reversal films, single use cameras, instant photo systems, many kinds of high optical performance or water resistant binoculars, as well as all types of high quality white or colored photo paper, suitable for any project, are also provided.

A variety of products specifically designed for many different sectors or industries can also be purchased from Fuji. For example, they provide reliable digital imaging solutions for the medical sector, including computed or digital radiography and digital mammography solutions, dry imagers, film and screen systems, endoscopy solutions, treatment devices and ultrasound systems. Various printing systems to be used in the graphic industry are also available, from digital presses to wide format printers and all the needed replacement parts, consumables and supplies are also available, including their award winning UV curable inks, which were first commercialized in the wide format inkjet industry by Fuji and have continuously been improved and refined in order to be able to offer the most vibrant shades when printing on any type of substrate.

Whatever your personal or business needs in terms of photography, imaging or printing solutions are, Fuji Dubai provides everything you imagine, from equipment, accessories and software to the technical support that you might need. The experts analyze your requirements and recommend the most suitable products and services, according to your specifications and available budget.


All the products are manufactured reducing the environmental burdens during the process, the company also conducting different environmental impact analysis and evaluating the usual life cycle for any of their products, in order to protect the global environment. The company values the communication with its clients and tries to respond to any enquiry their private or corporate clients might have, in the most accurate way, making efforts to improve their operation processes so that all the clients are satisfied not only with the quality of the products provided, but also with the services and continuous support offered by the company.