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Fuji in Dubai

Fuji is famous for the high quality photography and imaging solutions for both the private, as well as the business sectors. The company has regional branches in many locations throughout the world, the one for the Middle East, Fuji Dubai, being located in the UAE.

 The company has been one of the early developers that brought substantial innovations in the consumer compact camera market. Being in  the photographic industry for decades, they provide a wide range of high quality cameras with different features, from digital to film versions, addressed to both photo enthusiasts, as well as professionals in the industry, depending on the purposes they have been designed to be used for.

If you are looking for a simple and easy to use point

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Fuji Dubai

Fuji Dubai provides a wide array of both consumer and business specific products, together with all the supplies needed and the support required in order to use the products properly. Their offer includes different types of digital cameras, including 3D digital cameras, lens accessories, such as protector filters, conversion lens, mount adapters, lens hoods, adapter rings and lens caps, shoe mount flashes, exposure setting dials, levers for setting wide panels, mounting lock releasing buttons

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