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Digital printing has become one of the most used methods in the industry, since it is a fast and efficient option for creating prints in any quantities. While it is preferred for any types of projects that imply printing on paper, especially in the photography sector, in the last few years, due to the technological advancements, it is also possible to use this method for printing on a variety of substrates, including on garments in the textiles industry.

Many printing companies in Dubai, as well as in other places in the Middle East, have decided to expand the services they provide, in order to cater to the demands in the textiles printing sector. Any company in the sector, willing to offer solutions for different types of clothing items, bags, canvas shoes or other garments and also for designs on larger format rolls of textiles for flags, banners or retail media printed on polyester, should know that the process is not the same like the one used for paper and a different type of equipment is needed for these substrates. Depending on the volume of prints required, there is a choice of low volume printers, mid volume wide format ones or high volume industrial ones.

All of the digital printing equipment needed for any type of application in the textile printing sector can be purchased from different suppliers in Dubai, who provide everything from digital textile belt inkjet printers that feature adjustable fabric roll feeding systems, automatic fabric center recognition, pressure control, fabric spreading and detaching rollers, drying systems and touch screen controls, heat fixation units for disperse printing that increase the production speed and are easy to operate and maintain and steam fixation units with compact user friendly controls, to coating and washing units with features like automatic fabric feeding, drying and rewinding after the completion of the process. The printer should be chosen depending on the ink it requires and of the substrate you intend to print on. There are options for printing with acid inks for materials like silk, wool or nylon, with reactive inks for items containing cellulose fibers, with pigment inks for cotton or cotton blends or with sublimation inks for substrates like polyester.

Choosing the right digital printing equipment for your specific applications can ensure a fast and simple process of producing prints in any quantities. The specialists at the companies that supply the machinery can find solutions for any budget, even for companies just starting in this sector.