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Canon Middle East

Canon Dubai provides a wide range of products for both at home use, as well as for the use in offices and different business sectors, together with many different services and all the software, access drivers, user manuals and technical support needed in order to operate their products.

Whether you are just a photography enthusiast looking for a high quality camera to use for non commercial purposes, or a professional photographer looking for the latest technologies in terms of cameras or for different accessories for them, you can choose from a great selection of Power Shot, Expert Compact, Superzoom, Digital SLR and Compact System cameras, as well as from many options of lenses, including fixed focal length, zoom, macro, tilt and shift or Cine ones, extenders and flashes. Their camcorders and digital cinemas offer consists of camera versions of different sizes for both personal or professional use, including cinema cameras, lenses and professional displays.

If you intend to purchase a printer, a scanner or a multifunctional machine, Canon Dubai provides everything you need for your home or business office, from all types of printers, such as  document and photo printers, inkjet or laser printers and compact photo ones, to photo and document scanners, faxes or multifunctional options.

The different products, specifically designed for business use are created to suit any professional imaging needs you might have. You can choose from all types of single function or multifunctional office printers, production printing machinery, digital presses, cut sheet printers, continuous feed or color proofing ones, large format printers and all types of portable, desktop, production or cheque scanners. Supplies such as printer ink, toner and all types and sizes of compatible paper or coated photo paper can also be purchased.

Other products that you can find in their shops in Dubai, Abu Dhabi or on their UAE website are photo and video storage stations, broadcasting equipment, high end waterproof, all weather compact or portable binoculars, different types of essential, economical, scientific or printing calculators for a variety of applications, visual communication cameras and all types of multimedia projectors for every environment or application in the private, business or education sectors, including fixed installation and large venue projectors, short throw wide angle ones, compact and portable versions, full HD ones, options specifically designed for office or conference room presentations, smart projectors for school halls or lecture theatres, as well as visualization, simulation, design and photographic projectors for CAD or other creative applications in engineering, architecture, design and professional photography.


Canon products are designed to meet all your personal requirements or to address to all the challenges you might meet in your business, helping your company be more productive and deliver new innovative services to the clients, making document workflows more simple and lowering energy consumption. The company is continuously developing the products, in order to meet the highest expectations of their clients, so you can always be sure that you fill find the latest technologies available on the market when you choose any of their products.