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There are many companies specialized in providing screen printing services in Dubai, offering solutions for both smaller or larger runs, depending on the application. The services include applying different types of artwork or logo branding to a wide range of products, from plastic objects to clothing items. The objects that can be printed using this method include plastic bottles, pens, promotional items, tees for sports teams, school uniforms, totes, cushions, pillow cases, bed linen, towels, hats and canvas shoes, among many other.

The process of screen printing on all of these types of objects includes a few steps. Firstly, comes the creation of the desired design for the artwork, according to the requirements and specifications of the client and strictly conforming to the color schemes that are wanted. This is usually done with the help of programs like Illustrator, Corel and Photoshop, which allow the designer to create versions that can be easily modified if the client wants any aspect to be changed. The final artwork design needs to be suitable for this method of printing and if multiple colors need to be used, they have to be separated in layers, with the help on the same previously mentioned programs. After the final version of what will be printed is created and the layers are separated, the film positives need to be produced. For this step, a printer, a computer and an inkjet or laser printer and suitable films for each color are needed. When the films are prepared, a screen is needed for passing the ink in the desired color to the object where it needs to be applied. The screen has to be degreased before coating it with a UV light sensitive emulsion, letting it dry and afterwards exposing it together with the film positives to UV light, in order to make a stencil. 

The process is usually cost efficient in the case of larger runs, where the image or text that need to be printed remain the same for many items. However, it is also used in situations where digital printing is not suitable or where higher print quality is needed, even for smaller runs. The providers that offer screen printing services in Dubai first discuss every aspect of the project with the client and plan the process according to their requirements and specifications. The specialists, having experience working with various companies in the UAE and in other countries in the Middle East, can explain what is possible to obtain by using this method and whether it is the most suitable one for the specific application.