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Printing screen equipment Dubai

Screen printing, although used in many other applications, is the most preferred method for applying artwork to different products made of fabric, such as clothes, canvas shoes and bags, among others. The process implies separating the layers for each color from the artwork and transforming them into stencils that are used one by one for applying the inks to the fabric. The colors obtained through this method are vibrant even on darker materials, this being the reason why it is one of the best options for garments, especially if no shading or gradient colors are needed. However, due to the set up time required for each project and the costs of creating the stencils, this method is usually efficient only in the case of larger runs.

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Screen printing equipment Dubai

Screen printing is a method of printing that involves creating different stencils, also known as screens in the industry, for each specific job, and then using the screens to apply layers of ink of different colors on the printing surface. Each specific screen for each color that is intended to use for a print, is applied one at a time, so that the colors are layered in order to achieve the desired final look. It is considered one of the most versatile printing options, as it can be used on

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